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With our focus on the individual needs of each garden, it helps us create custom solutions, tailored to ensure your green space gets the care it needs.


Kyle Bradbury Agri & Gardening

We are a distinguished local business in the field of agri & gardening, we pride ourselves on offering professional and efficient services.

Our reputation for reliability and integrity has been consistently affirmed by our clients, marking us as a trustworthy and reputable company. We skilfully serve a broad spectrum of clients, including commercial, private, residential, and domestic settings.

Our dedication to delivering excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount, establishing us as a leading choice in our industry within the UK.

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We offer a comprehensive range of garden and landscape services to enhance and maintain your outdoor areas. Our skilled team specialises in lawn care, creating stunning garden borders, and meticulous hedge trimming. We also manage more specialised tasks such as sloped area mowing, reseeding paddocks, and cutting back brambles.

Our expertise extends to the technical aspects of garden upkeep, including tree felling, stump removal, and spraying for pest and weed control. We provide high quality fencing services and thorough tidy-ups to ensure your space is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s a private garden or a larger plot, we are committed to delivering outstanding quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, helping your outdoor spaces flourish.

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FAQ & Latest Updates

Are you insured?

Yes fully comprehensive public and private liability insurance.

Do you charge an hourly rate?

No all works are priced on a job completing basis, so price for all work is agreed prior to before work commencing.

When trimming or cutting down trees do you remove all the waste?

Yes all branches etc removed, or if required all can be wood chipped at extra cost, in order you can then use the wood chips after tree removal etc.

When cutting down trees do you also remove the stump?

Yes we also have a stump grinder machine, so at an agreed charge we can also remove the stump.

Do you work weekends?

Weekends work by special appointments only.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, card and direct bank transfers as Payment.

Do you have the relevant spraying qualifications for herbicides?

Yes we hold the all the correct licensing for spraying chemicals.

Bank Mowing

Elevate your institution’s curb appeal with our precision lawn care, landscaping, and seasonal maintenance services. Trust us for a professional and inviting outdoor atmosphere. Contact us for tailored solutions today!

Brambles Cutting​

Tame overgrowth and reclaim your space with our expert bramble cutting services. We specialize in efficient and precise removal, ensuring a clear and safe environment. Unleash the potential of your property – contact us for a bramble-free transformation!

Chain Harrowing

Revitalize your land with precision! Our Chain Harrowing service enhances soil aeration and promotes healthier growth. Trust us for efficient and thorough land maintenance. Contact us to elevate your agricultural or landscaping experience!


Secure your space with our top-notch fencing service! We specialize in custom installations for enhanced safety and aesthetics. Trust us for durable solutions that redefine your property boundaries. Contact us for a secure and stylish transformation!


Unleash the potential of your land with our expert Flailing service. We tackle overgrowth efficiently, providing a clear and tidy landscape. Trust us for precision and excellence in vegetation management. Contact us to redefine your outdoor space!

Garden Borders​

Transform your garden with our meticulous Garden Borders service. We craft defined and elegant borders, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Trust us for precision and creativity. Contact us for a garden makeover!


Shape your landscape with our Hedge service. We sculpt and maintain hedges for a neat and inviting environment. Trust us for precision and green perfection. Contact us to redefine your outdoor aesthetics!

Lawn Treatment

Revitalize your lawn with our expert Treatment service. We tailor solutions for lush, green perfection. Trust us for precise care and a healthier, vibrant lawn. Contact us to elevate your outdoor space!


Transform your outdoor haven with our premier Lawns service. We specialize in meticulous care, ensuring lush greenery and a manicured appearance. Trust us for excellence in lawn maintenance. Contact us for a vibrant, inviting landscape!


Experience hassle-free seasons with our Leaves service. We efficiently clear and remove leaves, leaving your outdoor spaces pristine. Trust us for a clean and vibrant landscape. Contact us to keep your surroundings leaf-free and inviting!

Paddock Reseading

Revitalize your paddock with our Reseeding service. We specialize in precision seeding for lush and resilient pasture. Trust us for expert care and a vibrant paddock. Contact us to enhance the health and productivity of your grazing area!

School Site

Transform your school site with our comprehensive services. From meticulous landscaping to precise maintenance, we create a welcoming and vibrant environment for students and staff. Trust us for excellence in school site enhancement. Contact us to redefine your educational space!

Stump Grinding

Erase the remnants of tree removal with our Stump Grinding service. We specialize in efficient and thorough stump removal, leaving your landscape smooth and clear. Trust us for a seamless solution. Contact us to eliminate unsightly stumps from your outdoor space


Optimize your landscape health with our expert Spraying service. We use precise techniques to control pests, weeds, and enhance plant vitality. Trust us for effective and eco-friendly solutions. Contact us to elevate the health and beauty of your outdoor space

Tree Removal

Redefine your landscape with our Tree Removal service. We expertly handle tree removals for safety and aesthetics. Trust us for efficient and professional solutions. Contact us to transform your outdoor space by clearing unwanted trees safely and responsibly.

Tidy Up & Fence Install

Experience a transformed space with our Tidy-Up and Fence Install service. We clean and enhance your area, then expertly install durable fencing for security and style. Trust us for a complete and seamless solution. Contact us to elevate your space with precision and care!